Established in 1998 in Berlin, New Image Systems is a distinguished IT systems house with a dedicated team of 8 professionals. We are experts in crafting web-based applications, merging decades of expertise with the latest technology to deliver customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.


We lead the development of robust, cutting edge e commerce web applications for various clients, involving collaboration, requirement definition, and system conceptualization tailored to client needs.

Our team develops professional IT concepts tailored to the distinct needs of our diverse clientele, which includes financial institutions as well as cultural venues such as theaters and operas.

Our team's programming expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of languages and frameworks. We are skilled in Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, and Laravel, complemented by proficiency in advanced frameworks like Silverstripe, NodeJS, Vue.js, and Svelte. This extensive knowledge base enables us to develop highly efficient, scalable, and tailored solutions across various applications.

We manage quality assurance processes and continuous development to ensure high standards and consistent software performance.

Our approach includes test-based development methodologies to maintain software robustness and reliability.

Within our release management process, our team adeptly manages the efficient rollout of updates and new features across various platforms. We integrate continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices to streamline and automate these processes, ensuring a consistent and reliable release cycle.

We handle data integration processes, focusing on the seamless incorporation of diverse data sources, API and systems.

We manage application operations, including load distribution and cloud-based solutions using AWS, emphasizing scalability and efficiency.

We provide comprehensive application support, including custom solutions for efficient problem resolution.

Our support team ensures timely and effective assistance for a wide range of client inquiries and technical issues.


At New Image Systems, our team has shown proficiency in a wide array of technologies throughout various projects. For backend development, we have utilized PHP, Laravel, Java, Spring, NodeJS, MySQL and Oracle DBMS for CMS systems like TYPO3 and Silverstripe / Laravel for E-commerce solutions, API integrations and Adobe Experience Manager for larger CMS migration. In addition, we have employed Python for system utilities and API builders and Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Jenkins and Gitlab for deployment, integration and infrastructure. On the frontend, our focus has been on modern frameworks like Vue.js and Svelte, combined with the responsive styling of Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS along with JavaScript, CSS, SCSS to create user-friendly interfaces.


Web, E-Commerce, Support, Documentation, Varnish-Caching
TYPO3, Solr, NodeJS
Staatsballett Berlin
Web, E-Commerce, Support, Documentation
TYPO3, Solr, NodeJS

New Image Systems GmbH

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